Monthly Archives: March, 2021

Firearm Related Deaths. 1999 to 2019.

Here are data on gun-related deaths from the CDC. Download the Excel file for more details on the entries.

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How to Easily Eliminate Gun Control Forever

Even as SATIRE, this concept will get nasty comments from both sides of the debate. I’m not averse to gun ownership. I have never owned a gun that wasn’t a toy and never will until phasers become available. This is fortunate because if I did own a gun, I would shoot everybody. That Nun walking her dog across the …

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Putting the Minimum Wage in a Whole Different Box

There’s so much drama in Congress over increasing the minimum wage. Our plutocrat leaders can’t agree on what to do. And can you blame them? Most of them have never had to endure subsistence living. They may have had to scrape by at times to pay the mortgage on their vacation home, but that’s different …

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