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A Craze of Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories can be classified in several ways. Conspiracies are everywhere. Prosecutors use them all the time in court. And the Internet … well, ‘nuff said. Conspiracy theories are like animals. Even within a single species, they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. You need a taxonomy to keep them separated in your mind. …

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The only way to understand personal differences is to talk about them. Everybody condemns censorship. The Founding Fathers prohibited the government from doing it. But, censorship of social media is a different story. It’s not covered by the First Amendment. The Constitution applies only to government. Comprehensive Generic Censorship Censoring social media is an issue …

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What Does Georgia’s 14th District Expect from Marjorie Taylor Greene?

With all the crazy news surrounding Marjorie Taylor Greene, I was wondering why the people of Georgia’s 14th District would vote for her. The story turned out to be … interesting. Georgia’s 14th Congressional District Georgia’s 14th congressional district was created in 2012 following the 2010 Census, when Georgia gained a 14th seat in the U.S. …

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