Share Your Career with Students

I got a special request from my daughter in Hawaii that I hope you will read.

Aloha. I teach 5th grade special education in a resource room setting. My students are currently researching careers they are interested in as part of our expository writing unit. I’d love to have guest speakers come in and talk about jobs, but that’s tough to arrange, especially since there is so much confidentiality involved with the setting I’m in. Instead, I’d love to share letters written to them from people in different careers. My students are researching careers such as veterinarian, robotic engineer, biologist, Navy, Air Force, musician, fashion designer, and teacher, but I’d love a variety of careers to share with them.

If you are willing to type up a message to them, please include the following information

  1. Introduce yourself and your career.
  2. Explain the type of education/training you went through (you could mention what obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them (cost of school, a difficult class, etc.).
  3. Explain how the use of reading, writing, and math factors into your job and/or daily life.
  4. Close with what you enjoy about your career and some words of wisdom (optional)

Send your message to me at:  Include a picture you don’t mind me showing to my students when I read it (optional). THANKS! You will receive my eternal gratitude!

If you think you might want to share your career but are looking for ideas for starting, here’s what I wrote:

Aloha, my name is Charlie Kufs and I work as a Statistician for the for the United States government. My job is to take information, which we call data, and figure out how to use it to help the government run better. Statisticians also work for many other places like schools and companies. Most of the data statisticians work with are numbers that describe the things you buy in stores, the medicines you might take, the sports you play, and many more things. To be a statistician you have to love working with numbers.

To become a statistician, I had to complete elementary school, then four years of high school, and four years of college. I also studied two more years after college to learn more about math and statistics. As much as I loved learning about how to work with numbers, I also had to learn about reading and writing. Reading is very important to me because that’s how I learn new things. Even after going to school for almost twenty years, there are still many things to learn. I learn new things by reading books and articles on the Internet about statistics. Writing is just as important because I have to explain the work I’ve done to people who aren’t statisticians and don’t like numbers as much as I do. I’ve even written a book to help people work with statistics.

I really like working with numbers. Using math and statistics, I can solve very difficult problems at work and also have fun at home studying data about how I spend money, what foods I eat and exercising I do, and my favorite sports teams. If you like math and working with numbers, you might like to be a statistician when you get older.


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