Trump can’t lose. Clinton can’t win.

Trump can’t lose. He doesn’t want to be President. Who would take care of all his business interests? His ego won’t allow a blind trust. And, it would be a step down in luxury. Nothing in the White House is gold-plated and it’s full of cockroaches and rodents (and not all of them politicians). He only started his campaign for the publicity but things took an unexpected turn. While all his competitors were sucking up to the religious base, Trump went after the disgusting under belly of America. He not only attracted the racists, misogynists, islamophobes, and reactionary fascists, but also the religious base who are closeted racists, misogynists, islamophobes, and reactionary fascists. Now things have changed; he’s about to get the nomination for the Republican ticket. But there’s a silver lining, actually a golden lining, to this storm cloud. Trump will pick a Republican regular as his Vice President. Someone the RNC can endorse but couldn’t get elected on his own, like Gingrich, Ryan, or Bush. Then, if Trump loses, he wins. He has his publicity and life goes on. If Trump wins, he wins. He has his publicity, he can resign and get a blanket Presidential Pardon for all his crimes (there’s even precedence for that), and life goes on.

Clinton can’t win. She has wanted to be President for half of her life. She has courted all the elements of power, domestic and foreign, and has been in bed with all the lobbyists who can finance her rise to power. Her problem, as with all nominees for the Presidency, is picking someone for the Vice Presidency who people won’t perceive as a better candidate. Warren is out. It would have to be someone who is virtually unknown to the country.  He or she would have to be a non-factor. Even then, if Clinton wins she loses. She owes and is owed a lot of favors. Not a day of her administration will go uninvestigated by the Republicans. As with her husband’s administration, they’ll keep looking until they find something. If Clinton loses, she loses, but it depends on who she loses to. Most voters don’t understand they’re allowed to vote for third-party candidates. So if she loses, it’ll probably be to Trump.

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