What I Think about Hillary Clinton

She’s not a criminal. Her worst opponents, mainly Republicans, have spent half a billion dollars of taxpayer money over twenty years trying to prove she did something criminal. All they revealed was that they themselves tried to set her up to fail, established an unethical precedent which she followed, tried to frame her by leaking untrue information, or did something even worse along the same lines.

She’ll say anything to get what she wants. Like most politicians, she’ll say anything to get elected. It’s not just flip-flopping, she’ll say what people want to hear at the moment then say something different at the next venue. If she’s speaking to vets, she wants a strong military. If she’s speaking to Bernie supporters, she wants relief for the middle class. Then when it comes time to deliver, she says we can’t make such big changes, only a little at a time.

She’s still a “Goldwater girl,” She’s not a progressive, for sure. She’s barely a moderate. She’s truly a conservative. She’s a Republican in the 1960s sense of the word. She’s a war hawk and an interventionist. She may talk about Bernie’s progressive ideas but she won’t fight too hard for them. There has to be a large majority opinion for her to get behind something new.

She’ll be an OK president. Like President Obama, she won’t get any support from Republican Congress. Much of her time will be spent dealing with Congressional investigations. Anything she accomplishes will be through her executive powers. Misogynists will be exposed across the country in the same way that racists have been exposed under Obama. Still, she’s better than Trump though not nearly what the country needs.

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