The Most Underappreciated Job

Some jobs are absolutely essential to the functioning of our society but don’t pay a large salary, garner any publicity, or generate a following. These jobs are often overlooked or looked down upon.

On December 19,2018, shiiroochii asked the question in r/AskReddit, “What’s the most underrated profession, despite being the most contributing job to society?” The responses appear at

The top ten responses were, by my count:

  • Teacher and education support jobs.
  • Sanitation, including garbage collection, janitorial, and waste and water treatment and management.
  • Trades, including welders, ironworkers, machinists, landscapers, plumbers, HVAC, mechanics, maintenance workers, carpenters, roofers, electricians, electronic technicians, and linemen.
  • Caregivers, including Nurses, EMTs and Paramedics, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs), Nursing Assistive Personnel (NAPs), Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS), Unlicensed Nursing Assistive Personnel (UNAPs), Histology technicians, home health aides, midwives, and eldercare support.
  • Drivers, including truckers, bus drivers, and delivery personnel.
  • Minimum wage employees, including food preparation workers, servers, retail clerks, cashiers, grocery employees, customer service, and hospitality.
  • Construction workers, including building permits and inspection workers, road workers , and public works employees.
  • Government workers, including mail workers, tax inspectors, and other civil servants.


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