We Are Addicted

An addict will do anything he can to get his fix. He’ll take the easiest path to get it, often committing illegal acts in the process. His high is bliss. Then one day he’ll overdose so his friends will have to take him to the ER. He’ll be saved and his friends will convince him to go to rehab. He’ll go and get clean. Then he’ll get out and relapse. He’ll do this again and again. One day, he’ll overdose and be at the brink of death. He’ll recover, and when he gets out of the hospital, his friends will care of him, again. Ultimately, though, he’ll relapse and get high, again. The pattern repeats over and over.

Americans are addicted to political ignorance. They’ll do anything they can to avoid following politics. They’ll be too busy with their family, or their jobs, or their vacations and hobbies, to care. They’ll ignore the poverty, homelessness, and injustice all around them. Then a corrupt politician – a Nixon, a Bush, a Trump – will get elected and devastate the country. They’ll ignore him, even support him against their own best interests, just so they can stay ignorant. Ignorance is bliss. Then things go from bad to intolerable. They’ll pay attention for a moment to vote him out of office, but then, return to their ignorance until the next intolerable politician comes along. Life never gets appreciably better; it just cycles between bad and intolerable. The pattern repeats over and over.

The election of 2020 shouldn’t just be about going from intolerable to bad. All that will do is let everyone go back to their political ignorance while things stay bad. That’s what we’ve done for the last forty years. The cycle must be broken. That’s what I will vote for in November.

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