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America’s Boldfaced Serial Killers

We see them. We know they’re there. We can’t avoid them. A new breed of serial killer has emerged in America. They are the people who, through their actions and inactions, spread the Covid-19 virus. They don’t wash their hands or sanitize objects they touch. They don’t wear suitable masks, appropriately, all the time. They …

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In Defense of Mask Avoidance

There are at least ten reasons people give for not wearing masks. Research suggests that there are at least four root causes, psychological and biochemical, for these responses. Whatever the root cause of mask avoidance might be, it’s probably more complex than just ignorance or resistance to authority. Society should recognize that individuals have their own motivations for what they do and don’t do in their personal lives. Individuals should recognize that they are a member of a society and they are bound to follow the rules and necessary conventions of that society, particularly when their actions affect the well-being of others. Mask wearing is a clear case of “all for one and one for all.”

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