The Best Super Power of All

I wrote this blog for Stats with Cats two years ago and I thought Random Terrabytes might be a better place for it.

Stats With Cats Blog

If you’re not a mutant, an extraterrestrial, an adventure seeker prone to outlandously fortuitous accidents, or a wealthy scientific genius who can engineer all sorts of wondrous gadgets, don’t despair. You can still have your own super power. In fact, it’s the best super power of all. It’s the power of critical thinking.

No human can resist my Super Cuteness.

What’s critical thinking? It’s simply being able to assess the truthfulness and validity of the things people say. That may not sound as awesome as super speed or morphing into an animal, but it has distinct advantages. With critical thinking, you don’t need a special costume. You don’t need to hide your power or protect your identity or explain why your clothes are torn apart. It won’t leave you physically exhausted and doesn’t involve fisticuffs (usually).

You can use critical thinking anywhere in any situation. You can use it on…

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