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The only way to understand personal differences is to talk about them. Everybody condemns censorship. The Founding Fathers prohibited the government from doing it. But, censorship of social media is a different story. It’s not covered by the First Amendment. The Constitution applies only to government. Comprehensive Generic Censorship Censoring social media is an issue …

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The Political Divide Isn’t About Politics

Everyone knows that you can’t talk politics in the U.S. without an argument. It’s not the problems that are intractable, it’s our attitudes towards our adversaries, our fellow citizens.

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Attacks on Conspiracy Theories Are a Conspiracy

And some of those conspirators don’t even know it. A conspiracy is a plot by two or more people to do something unsavory. A conspiracy theory is an attempt to explain something unusual. Some conspiracy theories are false, some are unproven, some are unprovable, and some have turned out to be true. Closely associated with …

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