Halloween Survey #1: Celebrating the Holiday

Some people ignore Halloween and some people celebrate it all year long.

No season inspires thoughtful reflection like autumn, the season of harvest, and no day of the season evokes creativity and the imagination like Halloween. It isn’t a religious or a governmental holiday but it garners more attention than many days that are.

There are many, many, many websites and books about the origins of Halloween. But Halloween is about more than just candy. It has had its share of notable events. Nevada became a state (1864) and Mount Rushmore was completed (1841) on Halloween. John Candy and Peter Jackson were born on Halloween. Harry Houdini, River Phoenix, and Sean Connery died on Halloween.

Of course I remember trick-or-treating on Halloween when I was growing up, but my most cherished memory is watching all those corny 1950s science-fiction movies with my Mom. The time we spent together is what I think of at Halloween.

So, how have your experiences with Halloween affected how you feel about the holiday? Is it your favorite holiday or something wrought by the Devil to corrupt mankind … or both? The following is a survey about what Halloween means to you. It’s the first of three surveys I’m posting about Halloween. The other two are about monsters and costumes. Add your responses to this survey to compare your feelings about Halloween with other readers.


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