Halloween Survey #3: Costumes, How We Become Our Fantasies

No holiday stimulates our imaginations more than Halloween.

It has been said that Halloween is for the young. But, it’s really not. It’s for anyone who can expand their imaginations to the limits of the infinite. Halloween isn’t just about candy. It’s about decorations and activities, and most of all, costumes.

Costumes let us show who we are or who we fanaticize we are. We can show we are conventional or outrageous. And, we can do it without going to Hollywood and competing with other actors. We can just be ourselves.

Halloween lets us dress up as individuals or with family and friends, We can involve our pets. We can do it all in different ways every year. Society encourages it.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Is it a big event that you plan for or a last minute decision? Do you dress up to give out treats even if you aren’t going to attend an event yourself? Answer the survey and share your experiences.

The following survey is the third of three surveys I’m posting about Halloween. The first is about how you experience Halloween. The second is about monsters. Add your responses to this survey to compare your preferences for dressing up on Halloween with other readers.


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